What to do in case of violation Data controllers must notify

Data protection authorities within 72 hours of any breach that puts the rights of individuals at risk, and as soon as possible to all affect individuals in the event of a high-risk breach. The nature,  What to do  potential consequences and remies put in place by the company must be specifi in the communication. 5.

What are the penalties The penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR are severe:

Up to 20 million euros for all companies with a turnover, Argentina Phone Number List of up to 500 million euros and up to 4% of worldwide turnover for all others. If you ne advice regarding the management of your data, please contact us. We can provide you with the necessary support to prepare your databases, forms, and websites in view of the GDPR.

Personalize your emails with MailChimp’s Merge Tags

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Personaliz message Personalize your emails with Mail, Phone Number UK Chimp’s Merge.  Tags Silvia Pagano Content marketing, Digital strategy dynamic fields. Mailchimp, Merge Tags No comment As an agency that. Also deals with email marketing, a mention to the MailChimp Merge Tags is a must. This term defines “shortcuts” that allow you to extract a specific field from the contact lists and import it into the emails. Upon submission, the Merge Tag will be replac by the corresponding data of each contact.

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