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Lighting and editing software you don’t necessarily have to buy fancy equipment to become a successful youtuber: in lots of cases . Simply shooting videos using your smartphone will do the trick. But if you do plan on making a career out of your content . Know that quality matters. High-quality videos are easier on the eyes . More professional-looking and have more perceive values than low-quality videos. If your audience can see you’re investing in your channel . They’re more likely to invest their time and maybe money in you. Get the best camera and lighting you can with the resources you have: that might mean buying a high-tech video camera and investing in professional lights . Or shooting on your iphone near a window natural lighting is beautiful and affordable. Additionally,

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Eiting software is a must-have for youtubers. Here’s 0 awesome video eiting software options… and they’re all free. Decide on a video style or aesthetic consistent branding goes a long way when it comes to youtube or any social media  . For that matter. Choosing a colour palette . Font . Intro music . Backdrop and other creative components for your video thumbnails should be taken seriously. 

It’s all about brand recognition business email list Ideally. Your audience will be able to instantly identify that a video is yours. Not to brag . But hootsuite’s branding is a great example: using a consistent colour palette and font style makes all of the videos look clean and professional. Youtube thumbnails hootsuite channel source: hootsuite on youtube and so is youtuber love action alysa.

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Who uses a variety of different fonts and colors but maintains the same aesthetic in all of her video thumbnails. Love action alyssa youtube consistent branding source: youtube food vloggers the woks of life also have excellent branding for their videos. They let the beautiful food stills do the talking. 

But use consistent fonts and Phone Number UK includes their channel name on all thumbnails. The woks of life branding with food stills source: youtube . Use ctas calls to action a call to action encourages users to do something specific for example . To like . Follow and subscribe to your channel. Encourage your viewers to keep watching your content by including calls to action ctas in your videos.

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