In particular in marketing the challenge no longer lies

In being able to obtain data, but in the selection and management of relevant metrics. In this mass of details on customers, partners, competitors, we must be able to extract actionable insights that allow us to grow our business and, in a collateral way, improve our service. But how do you keep the right course? The DIKW pyramid The DIKW pyramid falls.

Within the scope of Knowlge Management and puts four

Elements into a linear hierarchical relationship: data,      Thailand Phone Number List       information, knowlge, wisdom. Despite the limitations of schematization, this model allows us to describe the logical process that leads from data extraction to the collection of actionable insights. DIKW Pyramid management given At the base of the pyramid we have the so-call raw data, primary data not yet process. They are only signals that have not yet been interpret, the result of a massive and indiscriminate collection.

Which in marketing could be translat into preliminary

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Operations for data collection, such as activating analytics,    Phone Number UK       or collecting the database of users and customers. In short, many isolat symbols not yet associat with a meaning. And it is precisely from this premise that we enter the next step. A piece of data in itself has no intrinsic value until it is contextualis; only when it is compar with other data is it possible to draw conclusions and therefore duce information. At this level of processing it is possible to find answers to specific and timely questions such as “what?”, “where?”, “when?”, giving a first meaning to the collect data.

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