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Scribe the actions of actors and the actions of the system itself, such as those found in use case diagrams. Meanwhile, the function of the use case diagram is as follows: Useful for showing sequential activity processes in the system. Able to describe business processes, even display the sequence of activities in a process. As a bridge between manufacturers and consumers to describe a system. The benefits of use cases include: Use it as a verification requirement. It is a description of the interface of a system because every system built must have an interface . Identifying people who can interact with the system, as well as what the system can do. Provide certainty regarding system requirements, so there is no confusion. Facilitates the communication process between domain experts and end users . What are the Components of a Use Case Diagram.

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With interactions from outside the system. Systems are generally given appropriate labels. However, generally this system is not illustrated because we don’t really give meaning to a diagram. Actor Many speculate that actors are part of the diagram. However, if we look for deeper information about this problem, it turns out that actors are not whatsapp database part of the diagram. The role of the actor is very important, of course creating use cases becomes easier. The Actor function explains who interacts with the system. Actors will provide information to the system, as well as receive information from the system. Both can occur simultaneously. Actors do not provide control over the system, but only provide an overview of their relationship with the system. It turns out, here are some reasons why actors can connect with other systems.

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namely the flow of information, both the recipient and the system flow have mutual interests. There is someone or another party who will manage the system. Use Cases Use cases are components of the functional picture in a system. So that consumers and manufacturers know each other and understand the flow of the system that will be created. Symbols in Use Case Diagrams use case symbol You can take the picture above to find out about the use case diagram symbols that are commonly used. In fact, there are fewer symbols for use case diagrams than there are symbols for flowchart diagrams and ERDs. Several Applications for Creating Use Cases To create a use case diagram, of course you need tools or applications. The following are some applications that you can use: Draw.io Star UML Vision UMLet Example of a Use Case Diagram Below are several

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