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While the daughter studies school lessons. The second level reveals subjective facts and focuses on one main aspect: the pregnancy of paulina (padrón’s daughter). The discovery of pregnancy brings with it a series of situations. The complaint against the rapist, a man dicat to civil construction nam domingo allende, a tall and strong zambo, who evades paternity. After many threats and even visiting a lawyer, padrón is visit by allende to reach an “agreement.” this is, without a doubt, the pathetic and inhuman scene in which the dignity of beings is sold, the world of values ​​declines and a father commits the most abominable act.

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Later, after a period of certain prosperity, Paulina suffers an abortion at 8 months and part of the money obtain has to be invest in mication. Back to the misery and the end: Padrón’s request for Paulina to look for business lead her rapist, it is suggest, to get money. How can we understand that events of this nature can still be happening? How many Paulinas travel through the different places in Peru, especially in our Amazon? “Interior L” is one of our author’s oldest stories; However, the topic discuss becomes valid in the face of a cruel reality that still surrounds many women .

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 In the game of narrative everything is possible, as the author himself suggests when he says in The Game of Narration : The moment we turn any situation in life into a game, we Phone Number UK subordinate reality, already amorphous, to the rules of the game. Consequently, the game model is useful to understand the mechanisms relat to the act of creation. Artistic behavior, like play, involves the synthesis of two behaviors: practical and conventional . Ribeyro (p.111) The world has chang. And in recent years much more.

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