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 Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to see how people interact with your website, blog, e-commerce… With it, you can monitor data such as the number of visits, the most access pages, the time people spend on each page and much more! And, in Orgânica’s Digital Marketing course, you will better understand why it is the key to understanding your visitors and achieving incrible results ! 6.

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Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic One of the topics that generates the most doubts for those implementing Digital Marketing strategies is traffic generation . After all, what is the difference between the two? What is the best? Both have their advantages, so in our Digital Marketing course you will discover the new database characteristics of each one and which one to choose according to your objectives and resources! Traffic Composition over Time 7. Content Marketing Among the main ways to generate organic traffic is.

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 So, if you want to stand out from the competition and boost your business, understand better what Content Marketing is and how to do it on our course! 8. Working with Facebook Anyone who thinks Facebook is dead is mistaken! On the contrary: it continues to be one of the most popular social networks in Brazil . To strengthen your brand , you cannot fail to include Facebook in Phone Number UK your Digital Marketing strategy and, in the course, you will learn why it is still a great place not only to make friends, but also to gain customers ! 9.

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