The question includes checkboxes

Why it’s useful : multiple-choice questions limit answers to a common data set that can be analyz quantitatively. 8. Checkbox questions surveymonkey a checkbox question is a specific format for a multiple-choice survey question. Instead of simply presenting multiple answers. The question includes checkboxes that allow you to collect multiple answers at once. In some cases. The survey designer may also include a write-in field so that survey takers can add another option not present in the survey. Why it’s useful : checkbox questions are an excellent choice when assessing which brands or products an audience uses.

The format uses a five- or seven-point

Interval questions (ratio) person pushing button 1 on a likert scale survey question (machine interface concept) 9. Likert scale questions typeform Africa Email List likert scale questions are us to measure the degree to which someone likes or dislikes a chosen topic. The format uses a five- or seven-point scale that always includes an intermiate option for respondents who do not have a strong opinion on a question. This question style is an excellent choice when analyzing complex topics such as political affiliation or food preferences.

The rating range can be chosen

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Why it is useful : the likert scale provides a quantitative measure of the degree of agreement or disagreement. 10. Evaluation and classification Phone Number UK questions snapsurveys a rating question asks the respondent to indicate his or her preference for a particular topic by choosing a rating from a scale. The rating range can be chosen bas on the nes of the survey analysis. Using something like a 1-10 or 0-5 scale. A very similar type of question is call ranking. Which gives several choices together on a grid and asks respondents to rank them in order of preference. Why it’s useful : understanding the degree of favorability can be particularly useful when analyzing your survey.

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