The GDPR will entered into force on May

appli by all companies bas in the EU, but also by those that, despite being bas outside, process data of subjects locat within the European community. 2. Data Breach Prevention The regulation, The GDPR requires the adoption of security measures proportional to the risk of personal data breach. Among the necessary requirements: Treatment register It is a document that allows you to keep track of the operations carri out within the company and make a census of the databases.

DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessment This document defines

the nes and purposes regarding the processing of personal data, Armenia Phone Number List the risks involv and the measures aim at rucing them. Appointment of a DPO – Data Protection Officer This is a figure, internal or external to the company, with the responsibility of supervising data management, ensuring compliance with the Regulation within the company. It is mandatory for some companies, according to the criteria defin by the regulation.

Data Management Notice Every operation concerning the use of data of

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natural persons must receive an inform consent from, Phone Number UK the users, to whom the methods and purposes with which their information will be process must be communicat in a clear and understandable way. Not only that: consent can withdrawn at any time. Any changes to what is communicat must be further approv by the user. Your rights also include: Obtaining a copy of the data held by the company; Right to be forgotten, i.e. having your data delete by the company and by third parties; Encryption of data held by the company.

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