The flow of assets and liabilities of happiness

Have you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? It’s more or less fine. Let’s see, it’s not a big deal either. Hehehehe. The good thing is that it talks about concepts that, if you internalize them, cause chain changes, they make you see things differently. In the book there is a lot of talk about “assets” (things that generate money on their own) and “liabilities” (things that consume money on their own) and that rich people are those who accumulate assets while poor people are those who accumulate liabilities. Taking that to our fuel, to happiness, we could say that rich entrepreneurs are those who accumulate assets of happiness and poor entrepreneurs are those who accumulate liabilities of happiness .

4 truths that will keep you away from “this is not the time to think as a team”

Yes, I continue to convince you. In fact, I might even leave “the tips” for the next chapter, because I’m getting a taste for this series… hahaha. we are not super heroes Now I want to tell you 4 indisputable truths that you will not be able to deny me: Every decision we make has a real cost of our “fuel”. There has always been talk of the “opportunity cost” which says that when you do something you stop doing other things. Every decision we make has an impact on our balance of assets and liabilities of happiness. If we decide not to spend money and industry email list overload ourselves with tasks, we are adding to the liabilities column of happiness. When we decide to do something we don’t like or shouldn’t, we stop doing things we like and move “

We are nothing more than one person

And that means we can’t dress up as other people or take on other people’s personalities or abilities. We are one person, we cannot give more than we can give. That “entrepreneur orchestra” thing is, in addition to being Phone Number UK common, absurd. Allow me. It is too arrogant to think that we can do more than many people combined. A little humility, please. With a few skills, which are wonderful. As an individual, unique and wonderful person, we have specific abilities that represent our essence. Our essence is what really generates value (and that value is what we exchange for money, calling it work). And, by definition,

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