Make word clouds? The best tools to create free tag clouds

We could say that a word cloud or tag cloud is a visual. Resource in the form of an image. That is used to represent the most prominent words that. Make up a certain text. These word clouds (or tag clouds) are usually presented as an abstract figure. In which those words that appear more frequently or are more important are represented in a larger size. How to make word clouds or tag clouds. This set of words. Tags or keywords can be obtained from a text. From the tags of a blog or from. The URL of a web page thanks to certain web applications. Therefore, many of these online tools allow you to customize the shape of the word cloud. Therefore, the color and the size of the main terms (to highlight the level of importance of the keywords or tags within the cloud.

What is a Word Cloud or Tag Cloud?

Another option more professional. Personalized and advanced. Is to do them with Photoshop. Therefore, although it will consume much more time top people data and you will not obtain good results If you do not have the necessary knowledge in this program. So if you. Yant to take advantage of this visual complement more easily. Therefore, you should consider using an online word cloud creation tool. 10 Free Tools to Create Word Clouds Below I share with you the free tools that I consider most interesting. 1# Word cloud This website is a free web application. That you can use from any web browser. Its interface. Not very intuitive. Therefore, and apparently simple design can mislead you. In reality it is a quite practical. 

10 Free Tools to Create Word Clouds

In this web application you can also customize the colors. Choose a shape design for your. Therefore, tag cloud. you can manually write the text you want or copy and paste it. Therefore, upload a text file or enter a certain URL. It allows us. Therefore, to configure a language to ignore. Set the Phone Number UK maximum number of words in the cloud. Hide specific terms. Therefore, hide or show tag frequencies. Therefore, use lowercase or uppercase in the design, etc. 2# Wordcloud Wordcloud is a fairly easy-to-use web. App in which you can paste. Any type of text and your design will automatically be created. Word Cloud Once your design is created you can download. Therefore, your resulting design in SVG format. 

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