The benefits of geolocation in tourism map geolocation ads

The benefits of geolocation in tourism Silvia Pagano Advertising, Marketing Automation, Geolocation tourism marketing, google maps No comment One of the most discussed topics of online advertising is the geolocation of ads, i.e. targeting based on a specific geographical area. It is a strategy particularly us in some sectors, such as tourism or catering, to capture the user while he is physically in a relevant area and is looking for a service similar to the one we can offer him.

Just think of all those times when going on holiday

we search Google for a museum, a bar or a restaurant,  Philippines Phone Number List consult reviews and read contextual information about the place where we are. These brief searches are like small points of contact that we create with the realities of the territory, in which a brand can propose a solution and make itself known to us. In other words, they are the new, very important frontier along which you fight for the attention of the user who is about to make a purchase.

After all customer acquisition has chang over time

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Today searches made on the web, more and more frequently,  Phone Number UK  from mobile, become the stages of a decision-making process that lives on the opinions of other users and the first results of queries on small screens. From large booking portals to Google Maps, passing through search engines, we aim to obtain an increasingly personaliz and increasingly immiate experience, finding the answers to our nes in real time.

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