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Practices from industries are industries whose production is protect by copyright and the products constitute an element of symbolic culture. Within these sub specializations, we can successively understand the area of ​​interdisciplinary creative activity. At the interface of science, technology, economy, economy, culture, production, marketing. Distribution and sale of computer games, media constituting a combination of several different forms of information transmission (text, sound, graphics, animation , video) in order to provide recipients with information. Entertainment and types of digital reality, augmented/enriched reality (AR), mix reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), KIS . Marine technologies Specialization includes areas such as specialize vessels, marine and coastal structures.

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Logistics base on sea and inland transport, and the dredging industry. Distinguishing these areas, KIS takes into account the design, construction and conversion of specialize vessels and their specialize equipment, design, construction and reconstruction Photo Retouching of marine and coastal structures, processes and devices use for logistics base on sea and inland transport, and modern technologies in the dredging industry. Printing house in the Annex is an experience printing house operating since . The main mission of the company is to provide professional and immediate customer service.

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The printing house stands out on the market thanks to the highest quality of services and punctuality of their execution. The offer includes a wide range of products for companies, such as business cards, catalogues, maps, posters, letterheads, decorative Phone Number UK boxes, envelopes, binders, ID badges and various types of advertising gadgets, e.g. notebooks, leaflets, folders, stickers, paper bags and company pads. . The company also specializes in printing elegant decorative elements, including diplomas, certificates, greeting cards, holiday cards, calendars, invitations and menus, which can be decorate with embossing, gilding, and die-cut in various shapes.

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