Reorganization of the advertising products with various mergers

And consequent name and logo changes. Thus, from the merger between DoubleClick Advertiser and Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google Marketing Platform was born, Reorganization of the  a tool for planning and measuring campaigns. DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange have instead gone to form a unifi platform for programmatic advertising.

Google Ad Manager It was inevitable However

What immiately caught everyone’s eye was the entry, Cambodia Phone Number List into the scene of Google Ads, which from 24 July 2018 replac Google Adwords after 18 years of honorable career. New name, new logo and of course new URLs: you can no longer access from but from and to consult the Help Center you must go to (don’ t panic, for the moment there are some rirects, but we still suggest to replace the browser Favorites).

The changes continue with the formalization of

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The “new Adwords experience”, the user experience, Phone Number UK of the platform which has been available in beta since 2017 and towards which some fundamental functions had already migrat, such as the creation / modification of automat rules or the possibility consult the advice for optimizing campaigns, effectively making the classic Adwords obsolete for a few months. The only survivor of the reorganization seems to be Adwords Express, the version of Adwords for small businesses and one-person marketing teams, which will continue to be independent from

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