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When it comes to equipment, short rods are use for ice fishing, which are usually no more than a few dozen centimeters long. The shortest are the so-calle balalaikas. In turn, in the context of fishing methods, it is impossible to omit the mormyshka. The main task of such a set is to imitate small fish in the tank as best as possible. Fishing with an ice spinner or beetles is equally popular. We know perfectly well that ice fishing requires the use of advance equipment. In our store, we have create a separate category that includes it.

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You will find there all kinds of lures, rods – from renowne companies and those designe by us – and accessories: from ice drills to lure cases. It is true that ice fishing is not the easiest, but that is why it gives so much joy and satisfaction with each whatsapp mobile number list caught fish. Corona Fishing opinions – clothing is especially important In winter, the temperatures do not spoil, and several hours of fishing and a rather static position are conducive to rapid cooling of the body. When choosing the right clothing for anglers, it is best to focus your attention on clothes that will provide good thermal insulation.

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Tear resistance and proper fit are also important – clothes should not restrict movement. Warm pants and a jacket are an absolute must. Long, waterproof trousers with numerous pockets should satisfy most anglers. As for the jacket – two-layer Phone Number UK models with mesh that improve air circulation work great. But that’s not all. Appropriate underwear is able to determine a successful trip and protect against shivers during many hours of fishing. A hat is a must, because it is through the head that most of the heat escapes. In addition, gloves, preferably those with detachable fingers, so that you don’t have to take them off if necessary.

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