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In love for three years, Fernanda and Juan Manuel enjoy their love as best they can. Although the specter of his ex-wife, Luisa, appears from time to time, summon by Fernanda María’s jealousy, the relationship seems to be going well until a quarrel separates them. The relationship, after its end, will try to be resum indefinitely: there will be some encounters, a week of explosive sexual revelry, and then a string of plans that follow one another and are reformulat until confirming the chronic nature of that distance that, paradoxically, he maintains with life a relationship always on the verge of being resum.

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Fate – that other ubiquitous character in the novel – brings them together again, but this time Fernanda is already marri and has two little ones. Fernanda María is optimism b2b email list incarnate. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that defies any adversity . It is the transfiguration of Tarzan: like the king of the jungle, who without supernatural powers, only arm with a dagger, and dress simply in a suitable loincloth, faces a hostile environment, which at every moment confronts him with danger, Fernanda María launches to adventure and boldly faces the obstacles that destiny places in front of him.

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The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. And these are not few. Work is sometimes scarce; political instability in Chile and El Salvador (countries where she has mov in search of opportunities) harasses her and her family; Marital conflicts darken her horizon. The tonsillitis that assails Tarzan (that is, Fernanda María) is the sudden self-awareness of vulnerability. Bas on a question Phone Number UK from her little son, who wants to know if Tarzan has tonsils, Fernanda María notices the difficulties that she has fac and that she continues to face. Suddenly, she becomes clearly aware of the tumultuous swing with which her life, like an insignificant little paper boat, has been shaking.

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