Mosts of the people who will see your content will not convert immiately

But you will start to raise awareness of the brand, as well as collect leads with which to start communication – and therefore in perspective start the conversion process. As we,  Mosts of the anticipat in the previous paragraph, at this stage it is premature to try to convert, since the user is not yet ready to choose the package.

The most relevant KPIs will instead be link to engagement on social networks,

impressions from display campaigns or other brand, Austria Phone Number List reputation indicators. Use the data to find out if your images are being lik and which themes are being receiv best by your fans, so you know what aspects to highlight in your proposal. Real Web, Mosts of the offers specific campaigns to inspire tourists. If you want to know more or want to inspire your users, contact us using the form below, otherwise see you at the next tourism marketing article to learn more about the other phases.

The GDPR in 5 simple steps GDPR-data-security

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The GDPR in 5 simple steps Silvia Pagano Data Analytics, Phone Number UK Digital strategy data protection, database, GDPR No comment The GDPR is one of the most discuss topics in the digital field in recent months. The entry into force is still a few weeks away, just enough time to review the main points before the definitive adjustment of the procures. 1. What is the GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation is a European regulation that harmonizes the privacy laws of the various states of the Union. Bas on the “risk bas” principle, it requires companies to have a proactive attitude towards the risks involv in the processing of personal data and the prevention of their violation.

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