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 What is Blogger to Professional™ online coaching and why is it needed? Blogger to Professional™ online training is Finland’s most comprehensive and practical training for bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to increase their blog’s individual readers by at least 10,000 readers per month and earn at least €3,000 per month from their blog. As I said, there is a lot of free information on the internet. My coaching materials are also available online. If you have time, you can look for it. See what I know, what it feels like to sit on Google for hours and search for information using different terms. I know most of the information is in English and sometimes it’s hard to understand. Such a large amount of information is one of the challenges that entrepreneurs and bloggers encounter.

Successful simply because I continue

 I also don’t know if the next course launch or collaboration will be successful. But what I do know is that if I don’t try, I will never succeed. That’s why I decided to spend my money on things I can influence. For your own development. I had made up my mind that I would succeed. I also decided to do whatever I could to succeed. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but  latest database I’ve learned from them. I am  to develop and educate myself. I track statistics, plan, strategize, and make decisions based on that data. I didn’t make the decision based on a “gut feeling” or without enough information to support the decision. I figured out every possible scenario ahead of time, read it three times, asked questions, verified and tested everything. That’s the secret. “Success has nothing to do with happiness.

However simply having a passion for blogging and helping

But the more you answer “yes” .  others is not enough to make you a professional blogger. Click here to view the Blogger to Professional™ training participant blog. How do you start preparing for self-development? You didn’t become a professional blogger by accident. You don’t get “accidentally noticed or discovered” and then you start getting interview requests, business collaborations, people buying your courses and eBooks, and then you start growing yourself and your blog. The work must be done first. This is where the risk lies. Just like everywhere else in this life. We make decisions Phone Number UK even if we don’t know what the consequences will be (well, sometimes we do, but we won’t discuss that now ). We never know if we will succeed as a professional blogger, we never know if we will get clients. Just like we never know if we will win the lottery.

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