Many marketing departments have repetitive tasks like sending emails

Social media, and other website actions on their agenda. As we have already anticipat in previous posts, marketing automation platforms make these tasks easier, triggering a series of actions when a Many marketing departments event occurs, such as updating a database field or interacting with other parts of the campaign.

MailChimp automation in particular can be very useful for

These small daily tasks thanks to a series of linear automatisms,  Spain Phone Number List for sending welcome campaigns, setting up follow-up after an online purchase or responding to a change in contact data in the database. It is a simple system compared to platforms such as Eloqua or Salesforce, perfect for small and medium-sized companies. What can it be useful for? Here are some examples: Lead nurturing If you want to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns, one of the first actions to take is to verify.

That you are sending the right content to the right users

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For example by segmenting the target bas on the,      Phone Number UK        contact’s activities. If you have a specific campaign that involves sending a series of emails about the same product to accompany potential customers through the various stages of the funnel, MailChimp automation allows you to progressively send newsletters only to those who have shown interest in the product with the previous actions (did he open or not the first mail in the flow? Did he click?). Customer relationship management Make your customers feel important, send them personalized communications.

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