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a prestigious career readiness education program organized by Google, and supported by Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka. Apart from that, Christian is also part of the Google Developers Students Club Core Team on the Brawijaya campus which dedicates his time to sharing hybrid and native mobile development material, as well as web services using Android, Flutter, and Golang. Busy? Of course. But he did all this for one main goal: preparing himself to become a reliable Software Engineer . Even during college, he has worked full time at several companies. His latest project, created a tracking and booking system for the United Arab Emirates government-run hospital in Dubai. To carry out this task, he uses a hybrid mobile application, with API tools from Google Vision and Google Map. He got some of the knowledge to carry out this task from

The Android Developer learning path in Dicoding.

Of course, this opportunity and expertise is not without reason. He was born through the process of forging oneself. Like what? Listen Increase Job Opportunities with these 3 Ways Have High Motivation Motivation is the number one fuel for working or making changes. Without strong motivation, enthusiasm will easily be broken. The biggest ws database encouragement for Christian in his work is to make the best contribution to the Indonesian nation through his specialization in the Cloud field. In fact, currently Indonesia really lacks a talent pool in the Cloud sector, even though expertise in this field is very much needed. Be persistent when practicing and facing challenges “Persistence is the key to the success I have achieved.” It is mandatory for him to practice coding every day, no matter how busy he is at college or at work. This resilient attitude is also necessary.

Especially if we face failure. In the past

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when he lost in the competitions he took part in, Chris felt “IT is not my talent.” He tried for a long time to understand why he didn’t emerge victorious. Then realize that actually the most important thing is to practice. Losing is part of an effort to forge yourself. Certainly. Always be confident and look for what our passion is This member of Dicoding since 2015 really believes that each of us is born with our own goals and talents. At first he didn’t understand what talent he actually had. However, after immersing himself in self-taught learning for a long time, on campus, and taking part in programming competitions, this passion became very clear to him. “This is my identity. “I want to be a software engineer,” he stated firmly. In Dicoding itself, Christian has won 3 Challenges . He has exchanged the points

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