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 You can still use a blog to express your thoughts or document your daily life. You also don’t have to expose yourself to magazines, radio or television. This is possible but not mandatory. Many professional bloggers may have two different blogs: A way to earn income A way to unpack ideas (usually a herring salad-like blog) If you want to blog as a career, you have to make a choice. Some choices can be painful… Are you a professional blogger as an individual or entrepreneur? Are you prepared for a more financially challenging time before establishing your first income stream? Are you ready to give up other tasks/daily chores/hobbies/TV shows so you can have time to grow your blog and yourself.

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 What attracts people to my blog? help. My passion is helping you get the most out of your blog, whether you’re a “regular” blogger or an entrepreneur. blogging is primarily a way to help. It’s definitely easier for an entrepreneur than a regular new data blogger.  bloggers to turn the content of their blogs into help. What is “From Blogger to Professional™”? What’s in it for you? change in their mindset. In the past, blogging was always considered to be like a diary to express one’s thoughts, but that is no longer the case today. Bloggers must “forget” themselves and build blogs for readers. Readers want WIIFM. That is, what’s in it for me. Is (Professional/Business) Blogging Right for You? At the same time, I would like to say that not everyone needs to be a professional blogger.

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What is From Blogger to Professionals™ February 2018 Personal Visitors What it is to go from Blogger to Professional™ March 2018 Personal Visitors What it is to go from Blogger to Professional™ April 2018 Personal Visitors What it is to go from Blogger to Professional™ 2018 May Personal Visitor What’s From Blogger to Professional™ 29.5. – 26.10. 2018 Personal Audience What’s From Blogger to Pro™ results cannot be added together and divided by 10 months. The last image shows two of my websites, with the one you’re reading dominating in terms of traffic. I also have some bots on my Phone Number UK website. 74% of visitors are genuine readers, and the rest are bots and visitors to other websites.  252,000 blog visitors this year. Each visitor downloads an average of 3.5 pages, so there were approximately 883,000 page downloads this year.

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