Each participant came from a different field of marketing

Strategists, analysts, and designers found themselves discussing the creation of demo campaigns, slowly (re)discovering all the features of Oracle Eloqua. So whatever role you fill. Step up – if you have any each. Participant questions about the platform. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Real web. At oracle eloqua boot camp in paris real web goes. To paris for eloqua real web at oracle eloqua. Boot camp in paris silvia pagano marketing automation eloqua.

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Pack your computer and dust off your French, We’re off for, Poland Phone Number List an intensive Eloqua refresher session in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. As we have already mentioned in previous articles, Oracle Eloqua is a modern marketing platform that allows you to Each participant automate complex cross-channel flows for promotion and sales. The sophisticated mix of technical functions (CRM integration, Cloud connectors, API) and marketing (personas, scoring, analytics…) allows you to create tailor-made campaigns for your business and address your leads precisely.

To then nurture them and transform them into customers

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And makes it an effective tool at the service of B2B,  Phone Number UK  and B2C companies. During the 4-day boot camp, the three figures that will be sent to Paris – Eloqua system integrator, strategist and execution – will focus on the implementation of the platform. After an introduction to the data model, the focus of the laboratory will tighten on the database Each participant configuration, integration with third-party sources, and advanced segmentation techniques. What ingenious new marketing plans will our team come up with once they return from the Eloqua Bootcamp? You will only find out by contacting us.

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