By Boosting Their Organic Reach As On Facebook

Through its mobile applications, an option to personalize your news fed by choosing the publications to display in priority. Facebook, social network at the base to communicate between friends … Uh, how to say? For several years, many users have been drownd in the flow of page publications and have been unable to find their friends’ posts. It’s still the height of a social network! Facebook heard their complaints and came up with this new update which is, for once, more human and less algorithmic.

You Will Be Able To Promote Publications

The “Newsfed” will now reflect the user’s preferences and will no longer be disturbd by brand publications. Users are going to be delightd with this new Facebook update Finally choosing what we want to see first in our news… It took database time for Facebook to give back control (finally a minimal part) to its users! The Facebook News Fed is a bit like a Chinese puzzle. Thousands of factors are taken into account to decide what we can or cannot see. Facebook “tends” to display in priority those who pay to be seen, so “exit” publications from friends or those from pages that do not make Facebook Ads. But with this new update.


Thanks To The Professional Profile

We can hope to have a “Newsfed” that is more relevant and above all less focusd on brands. Initially reservd for users of the iOS mobile Phone Number UK application, the update will allow you to no longer miss anything that the profiles or “See First” pages (recognizable by a blue star) will share. Facebook points out that “ you will then see any new stories they have shard since your last visit to Facebook at the top of your News Fed. You can scroll down to see the rest of your News Fed as normal.

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