As a speaker writing

As a speaker writing Even though we all think we are exempt from possible influences. We start from the assumption that manipulation at a psychological level is a type of social or personal action aim at changing the perception or behavior of subjects using devious and deceptive models and methods to guide choices. This type of attitude is obviously wrong because it limits people’s free will. There is also a positive manipulation that we could call: social influence. This takes on a positive connotation when it is free of constricting elements, leaving the subject free to accept or reject the stimuli sent or the suggestions made.

It is therefore more

Correct to talk about persuasion , rather than seo expate bd manipulation. It is the context and motivations that determine the benevolent or malevolent nature of persuasion. Is the pagogical action that a parent or adult carries out towards their children or minors manipulation or persuasion? If we look at the will of ucators, the rules impos by parents are always coercive and limit freom. Another concept then comes into play here: the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is the true goal that is intend to be achiev. And even in this case it will always be the context and the motivations that decree its goodness.

The fundamental tool

For manipulating reality is the manipulation Phone Number UK of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who have to use the words. Philip K. Dick American writer In this historical moment, the topic of manipulation carri out by communication is experiencing a very heat debate and is center on Fake news . Hoaxes have always exist in the history of communication, but probably with the explosion of the technological revolution and the advent of social networks, they have increas their strength and have become more resistant and difficult to counter than in the past.

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