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A sales transaction is always a matter of trust. If your potential client doesn’t trust you or doesn’t find you credible, they won’t buy your online course. No matter how good it is. Here are a few reasons why an email list is a must: It is the only marketing channel besides the blog that you manage yourself. You can build a massive Facebook ad campaign and optimize ads for two months. But when Facebook makes one algorithm change, your job starts all over again.  other coaches in February 2016. An e-mail is much more intimate than an advertisement. Even the fact that a person gives you their email address shows trust.

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I don’t know about you, but I personally protect my own email address until the last one. I don’t want to make it available to any spammer. When you get to know the subscribers of the weekly newsletter, you can contact them whenever you want. Publishing on social media does not guarantee that your customers will see your publication and come to shop.  the information to the customer special data by pressing one button. If you have been in regular contact with them, people will open your messages. 6. Piloting the online course I always recommend piloting an online course first, before committing to it. Of course, you should do the course a little in advance and then pilot it.

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But it’s pointless to spend many weeks making the content of the course if the course doesn’t sell for one reason or another. Piloting an online course is actually about testing its sales in the market. To succeed here, you need a sales page and a place where you sell the online course. Read more: 13 online course and sales platforms compared Piloting normally lasts 7 – 14 days, during which you try to sell the course as much as possible. You can use e.g. as Phone Number UK a sales channel: to your email list your blog social media channels and support sales with paid advertising (Facebook and Google Ads) Sales page Masterclass 7. After the pilot, decide how to continue After you’ve piloted your first online course, review the results and decide whether to continue completing the course or refund the course buyers.

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