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Deep down, peace,” she tells Juan Manuel, “is a nostalgia, my dear old man…” What he may mean: longing for what can never be again, and resigning oneself to it with wisdom, may finally be what brings tranquility to our lives.The Peruvian narrative of the 50s had its peculiarities. Among them, the recreation of urban-rural-realistic contexts where the experiences and situations of the typical characters of these environments were reveal. The generation that emerg at this time was made up of writers among whom Julio Ramón Ribeyro stands out .

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With this movement, the story reaches its greatest apogee and is confirm as an autonomous narrative species. In the midst of this literary maelstrom, the figure of Ribeyro is consecrat when he publishes business email list his first book of stories, Gallinazos sin plumas (1955), and it is from this compendium that the story “Interior L” is extract, from which I will make reference. Addressing Ribeyro is beginning a journey through a vast urban-rural theme . The comments on this story are present bas on the realism and objectivity observ in it.

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The work is develop on two levels: the first, completely objective in nature. This begins with the arrival of the mattress maker nam Padrón, who lives in a miserable room with his daughter Paulina. In the room, acts of daily life are reproduc. A man of humble origins who works all day and comes home tir. The man waits for Phone Number UK the attention of his daughter, who is a 14-year-old student. After consuming the little food they have, everyone gets involv in their chores. The colchonero at times immerses himself in the memories of the wife and son lost due to tuberculosis (the classic problem of poor homes, of misery, which still persists in 21st century Lima), and longs for the years gone by.

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